Welcome to Everlasting! This site is dedicated to the relationship between Elizabeth Wakefield & Todd Wilkins from Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley series. Here you will find everything pertaining to the couple as they evolve through the different series.
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Todd: "Maybe you don't remember, but I'll never forget this date for as long as I live. Tonight is the anniversary of the first time you told me you loved me."

- Elizabeth's Secre Diary Vol. #3
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These book synopses contain even the slightest bits that hint or pertain to Elizabeth and Todd.

College Girls #1
Author: Laurie John
Status: Breakup
Synopsis: Elizabeth and Todd are heading to Sweet Valley University. Thinking things between them couldn't possibly change, they're in for a big surprise as Elizabeth finds difficulty in the transition and Todd finds popularity in his new Big Man On Campus status. When Todd wants to take their relationship to the next level, Elizabeth feels unprepared and they continue to drift apart.
Excerpt: Pgs. 188-189

     "All right, I'll tell you what I think." He raised his head, looking straight at her, his eyes full of sorrow. "I think this just isn't working. I think maybe it's time you and I went out separate ways."

     I'm okay, Elizabeth told herself as she silently picked up her bag and her jacket. Todd's right, it isn't working. It isn't working and it hasn't been working , and the quicker I get out of here, the better off we'll all be.

     Todd buried his face in his hands again. "I'm sorry, Liz." His voice was thick and muffled. "I'm really, really sorry."

     Elizabeth didn't answer. She was already running down the hall, hoping to reach the safety of the elevator before the tears began.

Good-bye to Love #7
Author: Laurie John
Status: Broken up
Synopsis: Elizabeth is falling in love with Tom Watts but Todd is still in love with her. When Elizabeth receives an eerie note slipped under her door, she begins to wonder if Todd is responsible for them.
Excerpt: Pgs. 213-214

     "Liz, look. I--I miss you," Todd said quietly. "I wanted to see you. I don't think..."Todd looked away for a second. "I don't think life is possible for me wihtout you. I love you, and I'll do anything to get you back--anything," he said. His voice broke on the last word.

     Elizabeth took a step toward him to put her hand on Todd's shouder. She knew how it felt to have a broken heart. She wanted to be the best friend to him she could.

Home for Christmas #8
Author: Laurie John
Status: Broken up
Synopsis: Elizabeth is bringing Tom home for Christmas. Once at home, Elizabeth is haunted with memories of Todd. Meanwhile, Todd is desperately trying to get over Elizabeth and falls further into alcoholism.
Excerpt: Pgs. 187

     Looking at him, she saw the confusion and longing in his brown eyes, The moonlight highlighted his dark hair.

     "Will you, Todd?" Elizabeth asked her softly. "Will you give yourself another chance?"

     Todd didn't answer, just stared at her in the darkness as though he were seeing a vision.

     "Why did you come here, Elizabeth?" he asked quietly.

     She looked up. "I don't know," she lied. It would take no effort just to lean forward one, two inches and kiss him, as she had so many times before.

College Cruise #12
Author: Laurie John
Status: Broken up
Synopsis: After finding out that she was William White's heir, Elizabeth uses the money to treat her friends to a cruise aboard the Homecoming Queen. On board, Tom, Elizabeth's boyfriend discovers that his ex-girlfriend is getting married and ends us kissing her with Elixabeth witnessing the whole scene.
Excerpt: Pgs. 107

     They looked perfectly matched and totally in love. Just like he and Elizabeth had looked less than a year ago.

     The picture went blurry. Todd reached around to adjust the lens but stopped when he realized it wasn't the lens that was making the picture fuzzy.

     Horrified, he wiped away a tear that was rolling down his cheek. He snapped the picture and turned away, rubbing his eyes with his sleeves.

     "Something in your eye?" Winston asked.

     Todd nodded, unable to trust his voice to speak.

SS Heartbreak #13
Author: Laurie John
Status: Reminiscing the past
Synopsis: After discovering Tom with his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth finds comfort in Todd despite his new relationship with Gin-Yung Suh. Elizabeth and Todd find themselves taken back to the way they used to be but it may not be what they truly want.
Excerpt: Pgs. 125-126

    An intimate breakfast with Elizabeth had been one of the abiding fantasies of their high school years, central to his image of the future. He'd pictured honeymoon breakfasts in bed, Elizabeth in a peach silk nightgown and one perfect rose on the tray. He'd imagined old-married breakfasts in the kitchen. "Honey, pass me the sports section, will you?"

     They'd often had breakfast together last fall, when they'd first gotten to SVU, but it had never been the morning-after-the-night-before breakfast of his fantasies. Elizabeth might not have believed it, but breakfast had been on his mind when he'd tried to talk her into bed last fall. Sure, he'd wanted to make love to her. But he'd also wanted what came after--talk, tenderness, and orange juice for two.

     The orange juice was there now, all right. And the talk was flowing. As for tenderness--how else could he read the gentle smile that played at the corners of her mouth?

Shipboard Wedding #14
Author: Laurie John
Status: Reminiscing the past
Synopsis: Despite his feelings for Elizabeth, Todd knows that Elizabeth still loves Tom so he helps Tom win Elizabeth back.
Excerpt: Pgs. 18

    Todd's arms tightened around Elizabeth's waist, and she laid her cheek against his shoulder. It was just like old times, she reflected. It was just like high school, when she and Todd had been the perfect couple.

Behind Closed Doors #15
Author: Laurie John
Status: Friends
Synopsis: When Elizabeth finds out that Todd can't get his position on the basketball team back after her investigation on preferential treatment, she vows to get him back on the team. Elizabeth soon discovers that the school's athletic department has millions donated to it's funds but none of it is actually used on the sports teams. Elizabeth and Todd team up to solve the mystery but it seems more difficult than they expect when Todd is beaten up and threatened. Not wanting to put Gin-Yung in danger and wanting Tom's respect, Todd and Elizabeth keep their investigation a secret as they try to uncover the truth.
Excerpt: Pgs. 138

    Elizabeth suddenly realized that the person she was speaking to was the same Todd she had always known. All it took was a simple glimmer in his eye or the turn of his head for her to know when he was telling the truth.

The Other Woman #16
Author: Laurie John
Status: Friends
Synopsis: Elizabeth and Todd believe they've uncovered a point shaving and player recruitment scandal within the SVU sports administration but they need witnesses to speak out to prove their story. They try tracking down former players to see if any of the will talk. As they get closer to the truth, Elizabeth is threatened. If she and Todd don't stop their invetigation, Jessica will be expelled from SVU.
Excerpt: Pgs. 212

    "Maybe it's time for you to bow out of this thing."

    "We've had this conversation before," Elizabeth said. "I didn't bow out then and I'm not bowing out now. It's my investigation."

    "And it's my career."


    "So my career isn't worth risking your safety or Jessica's. For that matter, it's not worth mine."

    Elizabeth lifted her eyebrows. "That's not what you told Santos."

    Todd flushed. "Yeah, well... What can I say? I had a macho attack."

Deadly Attraction #17
Author: Laurie John
Status: Friends
Synopsis: Elizabeth is almost thrown off a cliff when a woman whose husband Jessica has been having an affair with, mistakens her for Jessica. She ends up crashing at Todd's place. Then when hired thugs trash the radio station holding Elizabeth's files, Elizabeth and Todd decide to hide off campus. Unfortunately, Gin-Yung thinks they're getting back together and tells Tom.
Excerpt: Pgs. 88-89

    "Todd and I need a place to stay tonight."

    Lila and Bruce both gave her a startled look, and Elizabeth realized that she had given them the wrong impression. But to correct what they were imagining would lead to more questions.

    "I didn't know you two were back together," Bruce commented.

    "Um. Well. You know..." Elizabeth smiled nervously.

    Bruce reached into his pocket and handed her a set of keys on a Sigma key chain. "Fifty-five twenty-one Chester Street. Attic apartment. It's all yours. We'll call you before we come back."

    Elizabeth glanced over her shoulder. Todd was emerging from the gas station and lifted his hand to wave at Bruce and Lila. Before he could say anything that would negate the impression that they were madly in love, Elizabeth threw her arms around him.

    "Todd!" she breathed. "Bruce and Lila are going to let us use their apartment."

    He looked somewhat taken aback by her passionate greeting, but he seemed to catch her big-eyed "play along" signal.

    "Gosh, Bruce, Lila. Thanks a lot."

    Bruce nodded as Lila peered over her sunglasses at Todd. "It's not very, um... romantic," she said in a flat voice.

    Todd put his arm around Elizabeth's waist. "I'm sure it's perfect," he said.

    Elizabeth smothered a laugh behind her hand.

The Trial of Jessica Wakefield #26
Author: Laurie John
Status: Friends...
Synopsis: Elizabeth has been stressed out ever since her breakup with Tom and finding out that Jessica has been arrested for cocaine possession. She finds comfort in an old friend. Todd saves Elizabeth from being taken advantage by a guy while she was drunk. He takes her to his place and initially she's confused when she wakes up in his bed but realizes what a good friend Todd has been to her. But could their friendship develop into more?
Excerpt: Pgs. 231-232

    Elizabeth reached Todd's door and knocked lightly. She tucked a strand of her blond hair behind her ear as soft footsteps approached from within. She pulled the sweatband from her pocket as Todd's door began to open. She wouldn't stay for more than a minute.

    But when Todd appeared in the doorway, all thoughts of Tom flew from Elizabeth's mind. Todd stood there wearing nothing but a pair of green silk boxer shorts, his strong chest rippling with muscles. His tousled hair had fallen slightly across his forehead and his bright brown eyes were dancing. Elizabeth felt her mouth drop open as she stared at him, her heart racing. Todd isn't only sweet, supportive and understanding, she thought. He's gorgeous!

    She stepped forward and fell into his arms, the lucky sweatband slipping to the floor as her hands explored the silky, smooth skin of his powerful back. She looked up into Todd's surprised face. But before he could utter a word, she parted her lips and pulled him close, kissing him with all the sizzling passion in her soul. Her right foot found the hard edge of Todd's door and with a quick push of her foot, she close the rest of the world off behind them.

Goodbye, Elizabeth #38
Author: Laurie John
Status: Friends
Synopsis: Elizabeth has just been accepted to DCIR, a respected school to study investigative reporting. She's having a hard time leaving since she has so many people to say good bye to, such as Nina, Todd and especially Jessica.
Excerpt: Pgs. 92-93

    "Actually... that' the next thing I was going to tell you. There's been a change of plans. I... I guess I'm leaving tomorrow."

    Todd let out a low whistle. "Tomorrow? That's sort of short notice, isn't it?"

    "I know. I can hardly believe it myself."

    He shook his head. "That doesn't sound like you, Liz. You aren't the type to just pick up and move."

    Elizabeth smiled wistfully. No other guy understood her the way Todd did. [...]

    "I know," Elizabeth said, falling into his arms for a long, comforting hug, hoping it wouldn't be their last.

Secret Love Diaries: Elizabeth #60
Author: Laurie John
Status: Becoming friends/Fling
Back Cover: I can't tell anyone. They'd all freak -- my sister and my friends. I don't even get it myself. Somehow I alway end up back with Todd Wilkins...
Synopsis: Elizabeth is part of her cousin's wedding party and is about to meet her groomsman only to find out that it is Todd. Todd and Elizabeth start off rocky but their friendship quickly mends and they begin to wonder if they have another chance at romance and to do something they didn't have to the chance to do before.
Excerpt: Pgs. 177

     "Elizabeth, I want to be with you tonight."

     A wave of relief washed over her. but at the same time she was struck by a mixture of exhilaration and fear at the thought of spending the night with Todd. [...]

     "I want to be with you tonight too." It was true. She did want to be with Todd tonight. But what exactly did that mean?

     "Good." Todd smiled contentedly, and they danced on in silence for a minute.

     Elizabeth was now completely lost in the moment. In the warm, familiar embrace of Todd, gliding across the dance floor as everyone else in the ballroom ceased to exist. There was only music. Music and Todd. Todd and Elizabeth.