Welcome to Everlasting! This site is dedicated to the relationship between Elizabeth Wakefield & Todd Wilkins from Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley series. Here you will find everything pertaining to the couple as they evolve through the different series.
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Todd: "Maybe you don't remember, but I'll never forget this date for as long as I live. Tonight is the anniversary of the first time you told me you loved me."

- Elizabeth's Secre Diary Vol. #3
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These book synopses contain even the slightest bits that hint or pertain to Elizabeth and Todd.

Elizabeth's Valentine #4
Author: Molly Mia Stewart
Status: Friendship/First Crush
Synopsis: When a new girl arrives from Jamaica, Elizabeth is picked to show her around school. The two become friends and Jessica begins to feel left out. Jessica tries to get back at Elizabeth by ignoring her and make her feel unwanted. Things start to go sour between Elizabeth and Amy as well and soon Jessica, Amy and Lila are all upset by Eva's arrival. In the end, it's Eva who helps them mend their friendships.
Excerpt: Pgs. 49-50

    "The first cards we make will be for our secret valentines," Mrs. Becker announced. "I know you all have someone special you want to give a valentine to." [...]

    "I know who Todd is picking!" Jerry McAllister said.

    "You be quiet!" Todd shouted. His face turned bright red. He crunched up his construction paper and threw it across the table at Jerry. Then he quickly glanced at Elizabeth.

Cousin Kelly's Family Secret #24
Author: Molly Mia Stewart
Status: Friendship
Synopsis: Jessica and Elizabeth's cousin Kelly comes to visit for Thanksgiving. Kelly's been sad and she won't tell them what's wrong. The twins decide to cheer Kelly up by treating her extras special, such as including her in some detective work to uncover Todd's little secret.
Excerpt: Pgs. 31-32

    "Pssst," Todd whispered to Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth turned around. It was almost time for recess. "What is it?"

    "My family's going on a ski trip during winter vacation," he said.

    "Skiing?" Jessica asked, overhearing him. She grinned. "You'll probably fall down and turn into a big snowball."

    "You're the one who'll be a snowball," Todd told Jessica.

    Elizabeth stared at him. "What do you mean?"

    "Nothing," Todd said mysteriously. "But I know something that you don't."

Left-Out Elizabeth #25
Author: Molly Mia Stewart
Status: Friendship
Synopsis: The Wakefield's are going on a ski trip with the Wilkins' family. Elizabeth is excited to spend time with Todd at the resort but once they get there, Todd makes friends with a boy named Mark. The boys spend practically all their time together and Elizabeth feels left out. When Todd asks her to join them on a difficult ski trail, Elizabeth is torn by the promise she made to her parents to stick to the beginner's trails and wanting to spend time with Todd.
Excerpt: Pgs.


No Girls Allowed #57
Author: Molly Mia Stewart
Status: Friendship/First Crush
Synopsis: Elizabeth and Todd are on th Sweet Valley Soccer League together. Recently they've decided to become partners for a class project. When the boys on the soccer league see Elizabeth and Todd together, they tease him by calling Elizabeth his "girlfriend". Embarrrassed by their teasing, Todd becomes mean towards Elizabeth and goes as far as saying that she's not good at sports just because she's a girl. Elizabeth decides to quit the team but Todd eventually gets her back on the team when he realizes how important a player she really is.
Excerpt: Pgs. 85-86

    "Great goal."

    "Great assist!" he said back. "Can I come over after school tomorrow? We have to finish our project."

    " It's a deal," I said.

    He held out his hand to shake. "Deal."

    I looked at him. "Aren't you worried the boys will say you're holding your girlfriend's hand?"

    Todd suddenly whipped his hand back. "Oh, well..." Then he laughed. "So what?" He gave me a punch in the shoulder instead.

    It didn't hurt a bit. Besides, it meant I had my friend back.