Welcome to Everlasting! This site is dedicated to the relationship between Elizabeth Wakefield & Todd Wilkins from Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley series. Here you will find everything pertaining to the couple as they evolve through the different series.
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Todd: "Maybe you don't remember, but I'll never forget this date for as long as I live. Tonight is the anniversary of the first time you told me you loved me."

- Elizabeth's Secre Diary Vol. #3
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These book synopses contain even the slightest bits that hint or pertain to Elizabeth and Todd.

Dear Sister #7
Author: Kate William
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: This book is the second half of the story involving Elizabeth and Todd and the motorcycle that put Elizabeth in a coma. Elizabeth has just woken up from a coma and even though everyone's relieved that she's all right, they can't help but notice that she isn't acting like her usual reliable self. She begins acting wild and flirtatious, even more so than Jessica, thus leaving Todd out in the cold. Already feeling overcome with grief for putting Elizabeth in danger, Todd may lose Elizabeth forever. When Elizabeth ends up at Bruce Patman's house, right before things were going to heat up, Elizabeth hits her head and snaps back into her old self, not remembering much of her wild self. Can everyone forgive her for the things she did?
Excerpt: Pgs. 147

     Elizabeth took the wooden steps two at a time, almost tripping at the top, but strong arms saved her from falling. She looked up ant her eyes met Todd's.

    "Todd! Oh, Todd, I've never been so glad to see anybody in my entire life!" she said, collapsing against him.

    Todd was, to say the least, startled.


    "Todd, help me!" she implored.

    Todd stepped back a little, his hands on her shoulders, and looked for a moment into Elizabeth's eyes. Those beautiful sea-colored eyes were the ones he knew, the tearstained face was the one he loved.

    "It's you, Liz," he cried. "It's really you!" He pulled her into the warm safety of his arms.

    Elizabeth shuddered and held on for dear life. "Oh, Todd, I don't understand what's happened."

    "It's all right, Liz. Everything's all right." Todd held her closely, stroking her hair with a comforting hand. "You don't have anything to worry about now. You're safe, Liz. You're safe."

Say Goodbye #23
Author: Kate William
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: When Todd and Elizabeth learn that Todd's family will be moving to Vermont, they're heartbroken. Not wanting to break up, Elizabeth and Todd decide to have a long distance relationship. Seeing that Todd is miles and miles away from Elizabeth, Jessica tries to find a new boyfriend for Elizabeth since she never believed a girl should stick with one boy for too long. Will Jessica's scheme break Elizabeth and Todd up?
Excerpt: Pgs. 147

    "Go on," she whispered to Todd, avoiding his eyes so she wouldn't break down again. "Get in the car, Todd. They're all waiting."

    "You go first," Todd urged her. "I don't want to leave before you do."

    Elizabeth nodded. Kissing Todd on the cheek and waving at the Wilkinses, who were inside the car, she turned and took a few tentative steps down the drive. She could feel Todd watching her. I'll keep walking, she told herself. One foot in front of the other, and by the time I reach the end of the street, they'll be gone. They'll--

    A sudden panic broke over her as Elizabeth realized that this was really it. In just a matter of seconds Todd would be gone. A new flood of tears burst from her as she spun around and ran back up the drive to where Todd was standing with his hand on the car door. "Todd!" she cried, flinging her arms around him. "Oh, Todd, I'm going to miss you so much!"

    In the end it was Todd who left first, Elizabeth couldn't leave him until he got in the car-- and she wouldn't leave the Wildinses' drive until the last glimpse of the familiar car had vanished around the corner, leaving her entirely alone.

In Love Again #59
Author: Kate William
Status: Reunited
Synopsis: Todd has moved back from Vermont and Elizabeth and Todd are finally back together. Unfortunately, things don't go well with all the new changes in Todd's life. Todd now lives in a big house, drives an expensive car and is attending Lovett Academy. Elizabeth begins to feel left out of Todd's new life. When Sweet Valley High is pitted against Lovett Academy for the Battle of the Schools, Elizabeth and Todd feel increasingly uneasy when they face each other in the same event. Todd finally realizes that he belongs at Sweet Valley High when Elizabeth almost injures herself in the event which was sabotaged by his Lovett classmates.
Excerpt: Pgs. 140-141

    Everything happened so quicky, it was hard to figure out what was going on. But a low gasp rose from the crowd as Elizabeth's rope broke and she tumbled to the ground with a cry of pain.

    "Keep going, Todd!" Courtney cried. [...]

    Jessica felt the adrenaline pulsing through her as she pushed her way forward. [...]

    But Todd beat her to it. He was halfway to the top of his rope when he saw Elizabeth fall. Without a second's pause he dropped down to the ground, raced to Elizabeth, and took her in his arms. [...]

    But Elizabeth quickly sat up and rubbed her elbow. "I'm fine, I'm really fine," she insisted. She was talking to Coach Schultz, but her eyes were fixed on Todd's face. [...]

    Todd held Elizabeth's hand tightly. "Liz," he whispered, "when I saw you fall, when I thought something might have happened to you..."

    Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears. All she remembered was a terrible sensation as the rope gave away, and then the fall. And the first thing she had seen when she opened her eyes was Todd's face, filled wth worry and tenderness.

The Stolen Diary #84
Author: Kate William
Status: Seeing other people
Synopsis: When Todd suggests that he and Elizabeth see other people, Elizabeth is heartbroken. Seeing Todd with Peggy Abbot makes Elizabeth decide that she should date too. She soon starts seeing rebellious cartoonist Kris Lynch. Kris has been in love with Elizabeth for a while and is delighted that she has taken an interest in him. Dating other people soon makes Elizabeth and Todd realize that there's no other person they'd rather be with than with each other. Elizabeth breaks things off with Kris. Angered by this, Kris reads Elizabeth's diary, which she dropped in his car during the break up. He quickly spreads rumours about Elizabeth and uses the information from the diary to back up his allegations. Todd and Enid become angry with Liz, leaving Jessica to figure out who's behind these lies.
Excerpt: Pgs. 114-115

    Gently, he put his hands on her shoulders and turned her toward him. "You guessed that I was telling Peggy I couldn't see her anymore because of how I feel about you? That I've been sucah a fool that I almost threw away the best part of my life?"

    Slowly, she raised her eys to his. "What?" she whispered.

    "I've been a real jerk, Liz," said Todd. "I don't know what got into me. I guess the whole thing with Steven and Cara upset me more than I realized." He smiled ruefully. "And then Peggy stated flirting with me and, well, I guess I just had to find out if you and I were together because we really cared for each other, or just because we were so comfortable together."

    Elizabeth felt as though she were just waking up from an awful dream. "You weren't telling Peggy you loved her?"

    He shook his head. "Of course not. As soon as we started going out I knew we weren't right for each other, but Peggy really seemed to like me, and I just found myself going along with it. But when I saw you at the party with Kris, I realized I had to break things off with Peggy. I knew I still loved you."

    "Oh, Todd, I was sure you didn't care about me anymore!"

    "I had the right idea, Liz, but I went about it the wrong way." He took her hand in his. "But I did find out that the reason we're together is because you're the only girl I want to be with."

Almost Married #102
Author: Kate William
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: With their parents away, Elizabeth and Todd decide to live together. Todd moves into the Wakefield household and has plans for the perfect weekend but things don't go as plan with Jessica blackmailing them to do her chores and Elizabeth's discovery of Mrs. Wakefield and Mr. Patman's former marriage.
Excerpt: Pgs. 5-6

    The radio was playing softly in the background. Sunday was Golden Oldies night on the local rock station, and someone had requested the Beach Boys' classic "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" Todd started humming along.

     Elizabeth smiled up at him. "This is such a romantic song."

     "Mmm-hmm," Todd agreed. "I know you and I are way too young even to think about getting married..."

     "Way too young!" Elizabeth confirmed with a laugh.

     "But it would be nice to live together, wouldn't it?" said Todd. "Just think, we wouldn't always have to be driving back and forth to each other's houses."

     "Or calling each other on the phone," contibuted Elizabeth.

     "We wouldn't have to make dates to see each other," Todd went on. "Every night would be a date."

     "Someday," Elizabeth saidh lightly, kssing Todd on the nose.

Operation Love Match #103
Author: Kate William
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: After discovering that Mrs. Wakefiled and Bruce's dad, Hank were not having an affair, the twins and Bruce concoct a scheme to get Mr. and Mrs. Patman back together again. Meanwhile a new boy named Michael Hampton has just moved to Sweet Valley and Jessica is eager to win him over. Unfortunately, she's been acting like a klutz whenever he's in sight and decides to pose as Elizabeth. The problem is, he's fallen for the girl he thinks is 'Elizabeth'. Todd and Elizabeth are trying to play catch up for last weeks living together fiasco.
Excerpt: Pgs. 124-125

    "So have I got this straight?" Todd asked in a whisper. "You're going to meet Michael after school and pretend you're Elizabeth?"

    "Exactly!" said Elizabeth.

    "But you are Elizabeth," Todd said, looking confused.

    "Yes, but Michael thinks Jessica is Elizabeth," she explained.

    "So you're going to pretend you're Elizabeth, but not the Elizabeth that Jessica has been pretending to be," Todd said.

    "Right. A very unclumsy Elizabeth, in fact." Elizabeth added.

    "So then Michael is going to realize that he's really in love with Jessica." Todd concluded.

    "Exactly," Eliabeth said.

    "Liz, you're brilliant," said Todd. "I knew there was a reason I was in love with you."

    "At last," said Elizabeth, "a man who loves me for my mind."

    "But not only your mind," Todd said, drawing her close to him and nibbling on her ears. "Also your ears."

    "Todd!" Elizabeth exclaimed in mock astonishment, pushing him gently away from her. "Here? In front of all your fans?"

    "I don't think they'll mind," said Todd with a grin. His statement was greeted with a chorus of catcalls from the guys at the table.

    "We don't mind!" A.J. Morgan yelled out. "We like it!"

    "More, more!" hooted Jason Mann.

Jessica's Older Guy #119
Author: Kate William
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: Jessica pretends to be a college student to catch the eye of an older guy while visiting her older brother at Sweet Valley University. Things get even more complicated when her boyfriend Ken Matthews comes to visit her. Elizabeth is offered a spot at SVU but when she Todd and her friends act like this is a great opportunity. Elizabeth feels miserable that no one seems to care that they're losing her.
Excerpt: Pgs. 193-194

    "Todd, what was that for?" Elizabeth asked, after she had come up for air. Todd had pulled her into Steven and Billie's bedroom when he arrived, saying they had to talk. And as soon as they had gotten through the door, he had tackled her onto the duvet and began kissing her madly.

     "Because I love you," Todd answered, leaning back to gaze into her face.

     "I love you, too," Elizabeth said, hot tears pricking her eyelids. It felt so good to be with Todd again. She hadn't realized how much she'd missed him until this very moment.

     "And I've never seen you look so sexy," Todd whispered, his warm brown eyes twinkling.

Lila's New Flame #135
Author: Kate William
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: When an entire wing of Fowler crest burns down, Lila is suspected for arson. Steven has been assigned to investigate the fire. As Steven continues his investigation, he becomes taken by her, seeing her for a deeper person than what he first thought. Meanwhile, considered about her brother's recent breakup, Elizabeth tries to include him in her activities with Todd, leaving Todd a little annoyed.
Excerpt: Pgs. 163-164

    Todd did a quick turn and skated up to her. "And I think we should take advantage of the fact that we're out alone together," he said softly.

    Elizabeth looked down, feeling guilty for being such a bad date.

    Suddenly Todd scooped her up in his arms and and skated across the ice.

    "To-odd!" Elizabeth yelped.

    When they go to the middle of the rink, he turned in a rapid-fire circle, spinning her around wildly. "Todd! Let me down!" Elizabeth giggled, watching dizzily as the four walls of the skating rink zoomed past her.

    "Of course," Todd said, slowing to a stop. He put her down gently and wrapped his arms around her, leaning in for a long, romantic kiss. After their spin on the ice, Todd's passionate kiss only made her feel giddier.

    As Todd kissed her tenderly, Elizabeth could feel all her troubles melting away. His lips were soft and sweet on hers, and his arms were warm around her in the coolness of the rink. Elizabeth felt like they were in their own private universe.

    Todd leaned back and smiled at her. "If you can't stop thinking about Steven, then I'm going to have to make you stop thinking about him," he said in a whisper.

    Elizabeth leaned forward for another kiss. "I think it's working," she murmured.


Falling For Lucas #7
Author: Kate William
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: The students at Sweet Valley High are going on a skiing vacation. Todd sees this as an opportunity to get more intimate with Elizabeth while Elizabeth's mind is purely on skiing and relaxing. When Elizabeth finds out what her boyfriend has in mind, she gets angry with him. While skiing, Todd gets trapped in an avalanche. Elizabeth is worried for Todd's life until she finds out that Todd had been trapped with a sexy older woman named Cassandra. Upset, Todd suspects that Elizabeth had been cozying up with the Dirk, the ski patrol guy. Fortunately, things work on in the end when Elizabeth and Todd realize they just needed a little more faith in each other.
Excerpt: Pgs. 73-74

    At last, Todd thought, everything is perfect. Winston would see the sign on the doorknow and stay away. And Todd and Elizabeth could sleep in each other's arms. Todd slowly sat on the bed, pulling Elizabeth along with him. She was murmuring something into his ear, and he was mesmerized by the whisper of her breath against the tender skin on the side of his neck.

    Then he made out her words: "Todd, cool it!" she ordered.

    "We don't have to be cool anymore, Liz," he said, nibbling at her neck. "We're alone now."

    "I don't know what's gotten into you lately!" she complained.

    "Nothing's gotten into me," Todd said, lowering his voice as he gently kissed her left ear. "I just want to remind you of how much I love you."

    "I love you, too," Elizabeth said. "But I don't think this is such a good idea."

    "You don't have to worry about Winston barging in on us," Todd assured her. "I arranged for him to sleep somewhere else tonight. We have this room to ourselves for as long as we want it."

    "You arranged for Winston to--" Elizabeth stopped, flustered. Then she extracted herself from Todd's grasp and stepped quickly toward the bathroom. "Hold on a minute," she called over her shoulder. Todd smiled. Now that Elizabeth knew they had real privacy, she just wanted to freshen up a little before getting more intimate. [...] A moment later he smiled lazily as Elizabeth walked toward him holding a glass of water in her hand.

    "Now where did we leave off?" Todd asked, reaching out for her.

    "Right about here," she said. She pressed her lips together and dumped the glass of water in his lap.

    Todd gasped as the cold water splashed against his jeans. Elizabeth wheeled on her heel and left the room.