Welcome to Everlasting! This site is dedicated to the relationship between Elizabeth Wakefield & Todd Wilkins from Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley series. Here you will find everything pertaining to the couple as they evolve through the different series.
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Todd: "Maybe you don't remember, but I'll never forget this date for as long as I live. Tonight is the anniversary of the first time you told me you loved me."

- Elizabeth's Secre Diary Vol. #3
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Ever noticed some goofy things about Sweet Valley High the tv series? Here are some funny goofs and strange things that were found in the show.


  • Whenever Bruce and Manny are eating at the Moon Beach, one plate of fries is practically empty while the other plate is piled high with fries.

  • One of Winston's bullies in Ep. 205: IQ Commeth was played by Manley Pope who later played Devon Whitelaw in Season 4.


How many times does Todd Wilkins angrily proclaim that he's going to kill someone?

  • 101: Dangerous Love - After hearing about Jessica's frisky date, Todd vows to kill the guy!
  • 103: Skin and Bones - When Dakota admits to Elizabeth that he purposely painted Jessica in the nude, Todd gets hostile.
  • 107: Curse of Lawrence Masonn - Learning that Bruce, Manny and Gary were behind the Hallloween pranks; Todd wants to kill them!
  • 109: Coma - Todd overhears Lila gossiping over seeing Liz kissing Bruce in the parking lot. Todd goes in for the kill!
  • 116: Love On The Line - Seeing Mike putting his arm around Elizabeth, who is posing as Jessica, gets Todd's blood boiling!
  • 120: Kidnapped, Part II - Todd thinks Winston kidnapped Elizabeth and vows to kill him.
  • 121: Kidnapped, Part III - Liz meets with Peter, afraid he'd hurt Liz, Todd jumps out with a crowbar and cries out "You're dead!"