Welcome to Everlasting! This site is dedicated to the relationship between Elizabeth Wakefield & Todd Wilkins from Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley series. Here you will find everything pertaining to the couple as they evolve through the different series.
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Todd: "Maybe you don't remember, but I'll never forget this date for as long as I live. Tonight is the anniversary of the first time you told me you loved me."

- Elizabeth's Secre Diary Vol. #3
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Here is a list of episodes that involve Elizabeth and Todd and descriptions that pertain to them.


  • 101: Dangerous Love
    Synopsis: Elizabeth is angry with Todd for nominating her for Homecoming Queen. To 'help' Elizabeth get over Todd, Jessica sets her up on a date with Scott Daniel, a college guy. In reality Jessica is interested in him so she poses as Elizabeth and ends up being harassed. Elizabeth and Todd make up at their special tree. Together they get back at Jessica by making everyone think she's Elizabeth so that Jess ends up being dunked in the pool for writing the 'Eyes and Ears' column.

  • 102: Oracle On Air
    Synopsis: The Oracle is running their own televised format and everyone's trying out for the different positions. Elizabeth is vying for the position as anchor and is a shoe-in except when Jessica sees this opportunity to get close to the new guy who's working in the video department. Jessica switches her auditon tape with Liz's tape and lands the anchor position. Elizabeth is saddened by the news as Todd tries to cheer her up. Elizabeth soon finds out the truth and gets the position that's rightfully hers.

  • 103: Skin and Bones
    Synopsis: When Principal Cooper takes down an embarassing photo of himself from the Wall, Elizabeth sees this as an act of censorship. Meanwhile, the school artist paints a nude painting of Jessice even though she was fully clothed for the painting. With the help of the gang, they get the painting restored.

  • 104: Critical Mess
    Synopsis: Rumour has it that Bruce's uncle is making a film in Sweet Valley. Hoping to get a role, Jessica gets Elizabeth to review the play. When Lila gets a role in Mr. Patman's film, Jessica blames Elizabeth for writing a poor review. Elizabeth and Todd visit Mr. Patman to get a role for Jessica only to discover that he's shooting a commercial.

  • 105: What, Me Study?
    Synopsis: When Winston breaks into the chem professor's private folders to reveal his secret affair, Jessica sees this as an opportunity to get access to the upcoming chemistry test. When the chem prof accuses Jessica of cheating, she points him in the direction of Winston. Elizabeth and Todd help clear Winston's name and catch Jessica in the act. Meanwhile, Todd gives Elizabeth a present to celebrate their anniversary except Elizabeth has forgotten about. Pretending that he'd wrong, she pushed the date back so that she can get him the perfect gift.

  • 106: Almost Married
    Synopsis: Todd moves into the Wakefield residence while Elizabeth's parents are away and his house is being fumigated. While living together, Elizabeth and Todd find out annoying things about each other and realize that things aren't as blissful as they thought they'd be.

  • 107: Curse of Lawrence Manson
    Synopsis: Bruce challenges the gang to go the school on Halloween night to see the ghost of Lawrence Manson roaming the halls. Elizabeth and Todd as Morticia and Gomez Addams ends up spooked along with the rest of the gang only to discover that they've been pranked by Bruce and Manny. They set out to get back at the boys.

  • 108: Prince of Santa Dora
    Synopsis: Elizabeth's penpal, the Prince Arthur of Santa Dora arrives in Sweet Valley for a visit. He is immediately captivated by Jessica but has very little freedom so Elizabeth, Todd and Jess form a plan so Prince Arthur can enjoy himself. Elizabeth and Todd soon find out that the Prince is betrothed and try to tell Jessica but she's already fallen head over heels for the Prince.

  • 109: Coma
    Synopsis: Todd has swapped his car with a motorcycle for the week. When Jessica leaves Elizabeth stranded, she has no choice but hitch a ride on Todd's motorcycle. Whilst on the road, a drunk driver runs them off the road, leaving Elizabeth in a coma. After her brush with death, Elizabeth begins living life on the wild side, breaking Todd's heart. When her reckless behaviour ends up putting Jessica's life in jeopardy, Liz is snapped out of her wild life and realizes that she loves Todd and asks for his forgiveness.

  • 110: Uh Oh Seven
    Synopsis: When Elizabeth realizes that their are few female heroines in the movies, she decides to writer her own story with a female James Bond type character. She bases all her characters on her friends, including a clueless boy (Todd) and the heroines twin sister (Liz) who end up together.

  • 111: Secrets
    Synopsis: Enid is chosen to represent an anti-drug campaign but is uncomfortable with the role since she harbors a dark past. Enid reveals to Liz her past drug use. Jessica overhears this and uses letters from Enid's old boyfriend to unveil this secret to the entire school. Enid is furious with Liz, thinking that she had betrayed her trust. Soon Todd and Elizabeth discover that Jessica was behind this exploit and try to get Enid's position back.

  • 112: Photographic Evidence
    Synopsis: Elizabeth is taking photos for a project when she's chased by a man after taking a photo of hima nd two other men. Elizabeth and Todd find out that one of the men in the photo is a witness for a crime. Meanwhile, Jessica is pursued by one of the men in the photo and is held at gun point. Luckily Elizabeth and the gang arrive in time to stop the man.

  • 113: Club X
    Synopsis: Todd is becoming increasinly more inconsiderate of Elizabeth and Winston. He keeps blowing them off to play basketball and is growing an ego as he continues to win bets against other players. Elizabeth and Winston decide to teach Todd a lesson by bringing Kurt Rambis to play against Todd. Later Todd reveals to Elizabeth that he'd been trying to make money to take her white water rafting.

  • 114: Poetic Injustice
    Synopsis: Elizabeth and the gang attend a poetry reading. Jessica becomes interested in the poetry prof and begins to take a shining towards poetry. She goes as far as dyeing her hair brown. When Todd comments on how interesting Jess looks, Liz feels like she's losing her twin.

  • 115: Stolen Diary
    Synopsis: Angry with being second to Todd for Elizabeth's attention, Jessica makes it look like Todd is cheating on Elizabeth. Jess sets Elizabeth on a date but she's not interested. While avoiding her date's advances, Liz drops her diary and her date ends up using this information to get back at Elizabeth. Everyone is mad at Elizabeth, thinking she'd spilled all their secrets. When the gang finds out what had really happen, they get Elizabeth's diary back to her. Elizabeth and Todd also discover that Jessica was behind their breakup.

  • 116: Love On The Line
    Synopsis: Enid connects with Mike, one of the callers at the teen help line. When Jessica pretends to be Enid to catch Mike's eye, Elizabeth wants to give Mike a taste of how Jessica really is and poses as her. Enid poses as Todd's girlfriend and they go on double date with Mike and 'Enid', hoping that Mike will fall for the real Enid.

  • 117: Working Girls
    Synopsis: The students all sign up for career week to take part in different internships. Elizabeth signs Todd and herself up for jobs at the Sweet Valley Tribune. Todd's unhappy with this since he's assigned to review Dreamgirls while Elizabeth has to write about hockey.

  • 118: Dancin' Fools
    Synopsis: The Pacific Free-Style Dance competition is coming up and everyone's entering to win the title and prize to dance on the show World of Dance. This year, to put Todd out of his misery, Elizabeth decides to ask Koichi to be her partner. Instead of being relieved, Todd is upset that Elizabeth hadn't asked him to be her partner despite is his distaste for dancing. In the end, Todd cuts mid-way through Elizabeth's dance with Koichi.

  • 119: Kidnapped Part I
    Synopsis: Elizabeth's working as a candy-stripper at the Sweet Valley Community Hospital. An orderly named Peter has become obsessed with Elizabeth and begins sending her roses and notes. Todd thinks that Winston has been sending Elizabeth the notes since Winston gave Elizabeth a friendship bracelet.

  • 120: Kidnapped Part II
    Synopsis: While everyone is at Nicholas Morrow's part, Elizabeth is kidnapped by Peter as she leaves the hospital. Todd notices that Elizabeth hasn't shown up at the party and he worries. At the same time, Winston is upset that Elizabeth blew him off so he goes to the hospital to find her. The police find him in Elizabeth's car and charges him for her abduction. Todd doesn't believe that Winston is innocent. Elizabeth gives Peter the friendship bracelet Winston gave her to wear. When Winston catches sight of the bracelet, he realizes that Peter kidnapped Liz. Elizabeth escapes and Peter is arrested.

  • 121: Kidnapped Part III
    Synopsis: Peter escapes from prison and Elizabeth and Jessica are given bodyguards. Annoyed that she can't go to the beach disco, Jessica leaves her bodyguard only to be abducted by Peter. When Peter realizes that he's got Jessica, not Elizabeth, he sets it up so that she's dead within a few hours. Elizabeth agrees to meet with Peter to exchange Jessica's freedom for her own. The police arrest Peter and the gang must find Jessica before it's too late.

  • 122: Say Goodbye
    Synopsis: Todd is accepted to Fairmont Academy and must move to Vermont. Elizabeth and Todd try to have a long distance relationship but things already go sour before Todd even leaves. As Todd is preparing to leave, he gets caught up in saying goodbye to all his friends and neglects Liz. They breakup and Elizabeth begins seeing Nicholas. Jessica wants Nicholas for herself so she calls Todd in Vermont, telling him that Elizabeth is ill, hoping that when Todd sees Liz with Nicholas he'll take her back, leaving Nicholas for the taking. Unfortunately, when Todd sees Nicholas with Liz, he runs off upset. Liz chases after him to tell him that she still loves him. Todd wants to move back him but Liz tells him that he shouldn't give up his dreams for her. They reconcile and try harder to make their relationship work. As Todd boards his plane, he realizes that Liz has his bag. As he runs back, he sees Liz with Nicholas.


  • 201: Summer Lovin'
    Synopsis: Todd comes back to Sweet Valley and Elizabeth is thrilled. Elizabeth soon finds out that Todd was kicked off the team at Fairmont Academy. Still upset by his failure, he breaks up with Elizabeth and falls into a depression.

  • 202: Model Behavior
    Synopsis: It's the first day back to school and Elizabeth is still sad by her breakup with Todd. A new girl named Tatyana Thomas has moved to Sweet Valley and everyone is excited since she's a world renowned model. Wanting to befriend her, Jessica and Lila go to great lengths except Tatyana rebuffs them. She befriends Todd, one of the only people who isn't going crazy over her. Angry from being snubbed, Jessica and Lila try to find dirt on Tatyana and call her dirty names, saying that she's stealing Todd away from Liz. When things get out of hand and Tatyana's real identity is revealesd, Elizabeth defends her.

  • 203: Promotional Rescue
    Synopsis: Cheryl and Enid take Elizabeth on a camping trip in hopes that Elizabeth will get over Todd. They do an ancient ritual where items that belonged to Todd msut be burnt in order for Elizabeth to forget her feelings for him. Still unable to let go of Todd, Elizabeth secretly hides a photo of Todd which is a key ingredient for the ritual to work.

  • 204: Dark Side of the Moon Beach
    Synopsis: Realizing that she may be ready to date again, the girls help Elizabeth get back into the dating scene. They give her a make-over and schedule various dates for her. At the same time, things aren't going well for Todd. He's fallen with a bad crowd and Winston catches Todd and his friends steal a car.

  • 205: IQ Commeth
    Synopsis: While Jessica is dealing with her inclusion in the Academic Bowl, Winston is dealing with bullies. Todd's new friends are threatening to beat up Winston if he doesn't pay them $200. Elizabeth confronts Todd about his friends and asks him why he isn't doing anything about the way they treat Winston.

  • 206: False Possessions
    Synopsis: Todd is trying to turn a new leaf. He still has feelings for Elizabeth and finds it easy to confide in Enid. Thinking that Todd may be interested in her, Enid develops a crush on Todd and asks him out on a date without asking Liz. Todd is completely oblivious to Enid's intentions and Liz is hurt that her best friend would go behind her back. Jessica on the other hand is trying to deal with Lila's shoplifting problem. At first, Jessica is against it but soon gets in on the high until they both get caught.

  • 207: A Fair to Remember
    Synopsis: The gang is volunteering at the school carnival. Todd helps out at the basketball booth in hopes to get into the coach's good graces so that he can rejoin the team. The coach introduces Todd to his nephew Jason, who he says is very timid. Soon Todd learns that Jason is a player and is not only dating a handful of girls at Sweet Valley High but also Elizabeth and Jessica at the same time. He tries to warn Liz of Jason's playboy ways but Liz is not willing to hear. In the end, Jason's true colours are revealed and Todd, Jessica and Elizabeth get their revenge.

  • 208: It's My Party And I'll Ditch It If I Want To
    Synopsis: The Wakefield twins are throwing their annual slumber party but Jessica is more interested in going out with college kids with Bruce. With Todd away, the rest of the boys see it as their duty to crash the girls' slumber party.

  • 209: Blunder Alley
    Synopsis: When Bruce puts a fortune-telling machine in the Moon Beach, everyone becomes superstitious, especially Jessica and Lila. Seeing Elizabeth with a new guy who is everything that he's not; Todd gets jealous. When he over hears that Liz is going bowling with this guy, Todd shows up there with his own date. Frustrated by Todd's presence, Elizabeth neglects her date. They end up switching dates as Todd confesses his true feelings to Elizabeth during a passionate argument.

  • 210: Like Water For Hot Dogs
    Synopsis: When Elizabeth and Todd are reminded of their first date, Elizabeth awaits Todd's invitation to celebrate their anniversary. Unsure of how to approach this, Todd is coached by Winston and Lila. Unfortunately, while Lila helps Todd find the right words to say to Elizabeth, she spots them together and thinks that Todd is dating Lila. When Todd asks her out, Liz angrily turns him down. Not giving up, Lila and Winston team up to get Todd and Liz back together. Meanwhile, Jessica uses subliminal tapes given by Enid to learn her lines for her audition in the school play, only to find out that Enid had given her the wrong tape.

  • 211: The Quick And The Blonde
    Synopsis: Sweet Valley High is showing an exhibit on the roots of Sweet Valley. Most of the items were donated by the Patmans' who founded the town. Upset by the lack of information on the roles of the women, Liz encounters an old diary written by Miss Lizzie. Miss Lizzie tells the story of Bruno Patman who tried to take over her saloon, how she got the saloon back with the help of her twin sister Loco and her love for a hired gun named Toddster.

  • 212: Mixed Doubles
    Synopsis: Bruce enlists Jessica's help to win over the new exchange student, Isabel, by pretending that they're a couple to make Isabel jealous. In exchange, Jessica gets the use of Bruce's yacht. But while pretending to date, Jessica and Bruce become attracted to one another. Meanwhile, to help boost Enid's confidence, Elizabeth gives her a job at the Oracle except Enid ends up turning the paper upside down.

  • 213: Reading, Writing, Rescue
    Synopsis: Elizabeth and Todd meet Enid's new boyfriend, David. Despite his good nature, Elizabeth can't help but feel that David is using Enid to do his homework only to learn that he can't read. When Jessica accidentally saves Winston, he begins to follow her around like a slave. The rescue catches the headlines and Bruce vows to bring Jessica down by exposing the truth behind the 'rescue' through his surveillance tape.

  • 214: The Pom-Pom Wars
    Synopsis: When Elizabeth finds out that Ken Matthews is transferring back to SVH, she's confused by her feelings since they were seeing each other while Todd was away in Vermont. Discovering Elizabeth's affair with Ken, Jessica uses it to blackmail Elizabeth to join the cheerleading squad so she can beat new girl, Heather Malone and her squad to get into the Nationals.

  • 215: You Call This A Wonderful Life?
    Synopsis: While everyone has other things planned, Elizabeth and Jessica are left alone at their Christmas party. Upset by this, the twins are visited by an Angel who shows them their lives if the twins had never been born. In this alternate Sweet Valley World, things are very mixed up. Enid is a cheerleader, Todd's a nerd etc.

  • 216: Sam Enchanted Evening
    Synopsis: While Todd is training for a motorcross race, Jessica meets another biker named Sam who she becomes smitten with. Meanwhile, with the recent breakup with her boyfriend, Lila is feeling lonely so she becomes a thirdwheel to Todd and Elizabeth; driving them insane.

  • 217: Clueless
    Synopsis: The Moon Beach is holding a Pool Partners Tournament and first prize is a trip to the Bahamas. Jessica and Lila are vying to win the trip despite their bad pool playing skills. Willing to win no mattter what, they resort to tricking and cheating. Wanting to teach Jessica and Lila a lesson, Elizabeth and Todd team up to beat Jessica and Lila at their own game.

  • 218: Win Sam, Lose Sam
    Synopsis: When Sam helps Todd in the motorcross race, he ends up losing his chances at the sponsorship and racing in Australia. Meanwhile, when the yearbook comes out, Elizabeth is voted Most Reliable, which upset her. To prove that she can be laid back, she lets the guys organize the upcoming ball.

  • 220: One Big Mesa
    Synopsis: Todd gets stressed out when he's in charge of the half time show for the Big Mesa vs. Sweet Valley game. Things even get more out of hand when Jessica plays a big prank on the opposing team.

  • 221: Sam Kind Of Wonderful
    Synopsis: As Sam and Jessica get closer, others are worried about her due to Sam's past.

  • 222: A Look Back In Anecdotes
    Synopsis: Its the future, Jessica, a talk show host and Elizabeth, a journalist have reunited at the Wakefield home to sell it. As they look through their old belongings, they reminisce about the times they shared at Sweet Valley with their friends.