Welcome to Everlasting! This site is dedicated to the relationship between Elizabeth Wakefield & Todd Wilkins from Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley series. Here you will find everything pertaining to the couple as they evolve through the different series.
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Todd: "Maybe you don't remember, but I'll never forget this date for as long as I live. Tonight is the anniversary of the first time you told me you loved me."

- Elizabeth's Secre Diary Vol. #3
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Here you can find various clips of Elizabeth and Todd the from Sweet Valley High tv series. You can also find some clips of the actors who portrayed the characters in other roles here as well.

NOTE: Please DO NOT POST these clips anywhere else, especially not on Youtube. If not, I will no longer post any clips on this site. Thank you.

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Episode: 101 : Dangerous Love
Scene: Elizabeth finds Todd at their special tree. They reunite after Todd vows never to take Liz for granted again.
Length: 1:14 Size: 3.49MB

Episode: 104 : Critical Mess
Scene: Elizabeth and Todd arrive on the set of Mr. Patman's movie to get Jessica a role in his new movie.
Length: 1:35 Size: 4.72MB

Episode: 105 : What, Me Study?
Scene: Todd surprises Liz on their anniversary. Liz is shocked since she's forgotten and tells him that he's got it wrong.
Length: 1:14 Size: 4.71MB

Episode: 106 : Almost Married
Scene: Realizing that they don't get to spend enough time alone together, Todd suggests he moves in while the 'rents are away.
Length: 1:00 Size: 2.83MB

Episode: 106 : Almost Married
Scene: Todd moves in and things are good until Jessica finds out about Elizabeth and Todd's living arrangements.
Length: 0:37 Size: 1.88MB

Episode: 108 : The Prince of Santa Dora
Scene: Todd tells Elizabeth that she should tell Jessica the truth about Prince Arthur but she can't bear to hurt her.
Length: 0:58 Size: 3.74MB

Episode: 112 : Photographic Evidence
Scene: Liz and Todd watch a news program showing a missing witness. Liz thinks it's the same man from a photo she took.
Length: 1:04 Size: 3.78MB

Episode: 118 : Dancin' Fools
Scene: Todd is angry that Elizabeth didn't ask him to be her dance partner despite his distaste for dancing.
Length: 0:24 Size: 1.0MB

Episode: 118 : Dancin' Fools
Scene: Todd surprises Elizabeth during the Pacific Freestyle Dance Competition. He hates dancing, he'll do it for her.
Length: 1:22 Size: 4.78MB

Episode: 119 : Kidnapped Part 1
Scene: Todd comes to Sweet Valley Memorial Hospital to pick up Elizabeth. A mysterious orderly looks on as they kiss.
Length: 0:17 Size: 0.93MB


Episode: 207 : A Fair to Remember
Scene: Elizabeth spots Todd working at the basketball game booth. Todd's trying to get back on the team.
Length: 0:46 Size: 2.85MB

Episode: 209 : Blunder Alley
Scene: Todd meets Zack and already dislikes the guy. But Todd gets more upset when Elizabeth dates Zack.
Length: 1:38 Size: 5.77MB

Episode: 209 : Blunder Alley
Scene: Todd arrives with a date to the bowling alley; crashing Elizabeth's date with Zack. They try to make each other jealous.
Length: 1:32 Size: 4.74MB

Episode: 210 : Like Water For Hot Dogs
Scene: Elizabeth and Todd each reminisce about their first date at Bun Doggie's. Both can't help but think fondly of that night.
Length: 0:59 Size: 3.74MB

Episode: 210 : Like Water For Hot Dogs
Scene: Lila helps Todd win Elizabeth over. When Liz sees them together, she gets the wrong idea.
Length: 1:52 Size: 5.67MB


Episode: 508 : Hotel New Hampshire
Scene: Jack's fraternity plans a formal and they need some girls to meet the hottie quota.
Length: 1:24 Size: 4.54MB

Episode: 508 : Hotel New Hampshire
Scene: Jack and Eric (Ryan Bittle) come to the dorm to pick up Joey and Audrey to go to the formal.
Length: 0:44 Size: 7.52MB

Episode: 508 : Hotel New Hampshire
Scene: They foursome arrive at the frat house formal and Joey overhear the brothers talk about 'scoring'.
Length: 0:46 Size: 3.77MB

Episode: 508 : Hotel New Hampshire
Scene: Eric tried makes a move on Audrey but she doesn't play along.
Length: 1:34 Size: 6.72MB

Episode: 512 : Sleeping Srrangements
Scene: Jack learns that Eric and Blossom will be rooming together.
Length: 1:29 Size: 8.42MB

Episode: 512 : Sleeping Srrangements
Scene: Jack confronts Eric about switching rooms. Eric confesses about his discomfort with gay people.
Length: 1:23 Size: 4.04MB

Episode: 512 : Sleeping Srrangements
Scene: Jack decides to leave the fraternity house but Eric asks him to room with him.
Length: 1:23 Size: 7.38MB


Episode: 101 : Pilot
Scene: Mary runs into Jeff (Ryan Bittle) while jogging and asks him to come over to help her foul shot.
Length: 1:11 Size: 10.05MB

Episode: 101 : Pilot
Scene: Jeff tells Matt he's going to see Mary later. Matt tells Jeff to stay away from his sister.
Length: 0:49 Size: 7.63MB

Episode: 101 : Pilot
Scene: Jeff comes to play basketball with Mary. Matt isn't happy about Jeff and Mary hanging out together.
Length: 0:26 Size: 2.70MB

Episode: 101 : Pilot
Scene: Jeff and Mary play basketball as Matt and Mr. Camden keep an eye on them from the kitchen window.
Length: 0:46 Size: 5.90MB

Episode: 102 : Family Secrets
Scene: Matt is still unhappy about Jeff and Mary. He warns Jeff about Mary making a move on him.
Length: 0:38 Size: 7.55MB

Episode: 102 : Family Secrets
Scene: Mary and Jeff make a deal before their date; there wll be no kissing.
Length: 0:12 Size: 1.89MB

Episode: 102 : Family Secrets
Scene: Mr. Camden checks up on Jeff and Mary and find them kissing on the porch.
Length: 0:28 Size: 1.87MB