Welcome to Everlasting! This site is dedicated to the relationship between Elizabeth Wakefield & Todd Wilkins from Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley series. Here you will find everything pertaining to the couple as they evolve through the different series.
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The Twins Little Sister
Series: SVT #49
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of dating
Operation Love Match
Series: SVH #103
Author: Kate William
Status: Dating
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Todd: "Maybe you don't remember, but I'll never forget this date for as long as I live. Tonight is the anniversary of the first time you told me you loved me."

- Elizabeth's Secre Diary Vol. #3
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These book synopses contain even the slightest bits that hint or pertain to Elizabeth and Todd.

Elizabeth's First Kiss #43
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Budding Romance
Synopsis: Elizabeth only recently been seeing Todd Wilkins in a new light. She's known him since kindergarten but only now has she noticed how cute he's gotten. The only problem is that Jessica has a crush on Todd too! Elizabeth decides to keep her crush a secret but can't help but wonder if Todd likes her too.
Excerpt: Pgs. 127-178

    As they walked back to the bowling alley, Todd held Elizabeth's hand. When he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, she thought she was the happiest, luckiest girl in Sweet Valley.

The Twins' Little Sister #49
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: The twins are excited to be able to babysit little Chrissy for an entire week. They've always wanted a little sister and this responsiblility could prove to their parents that they can handle a younger sibling. But things don't go as smoothly as they planned since Chrissy turns out to be a handful! When Elizabeth takes Chrissy to the park, they run into Todd who Chrissy asks if Elizabeth is his girlfriend. Embarassed, Todd has no idea how to answer and Elizabeth is mortified that Chrissy even asked him the question. When they go to Howell's party, Todd and Elzabeth establish their relationship.
Excerpt: Pgs. 126

    He looked at his feet. "Something's been on my mind, Elizabeth. The other day at the park, Chrissy gave me a chance to say how much I like you. I guess I blew it."

    Elizabeth could feel her cheeks getting red. "I wish Chrissy hadn't put us on the spot that way." she said.

    Todd looked up and reached for her hand. "Yeah, me, too. But I want you to know that I do like you, Elizabeth. Better than anybody else. If somebody calls me your boyfriend, I don't mind."

    Elizabeth could feel her heart thudding. "Thank you," she said happily, liking the way her hand felt in his. "I like you, too. And I've had a wonderful time tonight."

The Slime That Ate Sweet Valley #53
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: To get the sixth graders out of a slum, Mr. Bowman gets them to make their own film, The Slime That Ate Sweet Valley. Jessica is thrilled when she learns that she's won the lead role until Elizabeth breaks the news to her that she will have to kiss both Randy Mason and Winston Egbert. Jessica is mortified at the thought that her first kiss would be with either one of them, so she tries to find a way out of doing it even if it means giving up the lead.
Excerpt: Pgs. 90

    "The truth is," she said slowly, "that I've never kissed anybody. Ever. Not even Aaron."

    "But you're so cool around guys!" Mandy exclaimed. "I thought you had lots of experience!"

    "Sure, I act cool because I am cool," Jessica said quickly. "But that doesn't mean I've had any kissing experience. I mean, I've seen plenty of kisses in movies and on TV, and Elizabeth told me what it's like when Todd kisses her. [...]"

Barnyard Battle #59
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: The sixth grade social studies class is going on a weekend field trip to a pioneer farm where they have to live as pioneers, meaning no modern conveniences. When the boys bet that the girls would have a harder time adapting to pioneer life that the boys, the girls retaliate by challenging the boys to the bet, and whoever loses must make a speech about how the other sex is better. Elizabeth and Todd are heads of each side and find themselves getting really competitive in this battle of the sexes.
Excerpt: Pgs. 126

    "All aboard!" Ms. Shepherd called, and Elizabeth scrambled up onto a pile of itchy hay. She settled down next to Todd, who had pieces of hay in his hair.

    "Having fun?" he asked as the wagon lurched forward.

    "Maria's elbow is in my ribs, Jessica keeps sitting on my foot, and all this hay is making me sneeze," Elizabeth said happily. "I love it!" [...]

    "I'm glad we called off that dumb bet," Todd said. "I kind of feel like I said things I didn't really mean."

    "Me, too," Elizabeth said. "After all, boys are almost as good as girls."

    "What?" Todd said.

    Elizabeth laughed, and Todd tossed a handful of hay at her. She grinned and threw a handful right back at him.

The Charm School Mystery #64
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: A charm school opens in Sweet Valley and Jessica can't wait to attend. Elizabeth isn't really interested in the school until she notices some suspicious things about the owners. Elizabeth, Amy and Maria sign up for classes to further investigate but things turn out to be more dangerous than they thought.
Excerpt: Pgs. 136-137

    Todd Wilkins stepped forward. He and Elizabeth had known each other since kindergarten, and lately they had become closer than ever. Elizabeth liked to think of Todd as her sort-of boyfriend. They hadn't been on a real date yet, but he had kissed her once. "Congratulations from me, too, Elizabeth." Todd said softly. "I'm really glad you're safe."

    Elizbaeth smiled up at Todd. "Thank you, Todd," she replied. Now I know how Christine Davenport must feel when she cracks a tough case, she thought happily. And I like it.

The Great Boyfriend Switch #66
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: The night of the big Valentine's dance, everyone sure that it'll be a romantic evening since everyone is with their perfect mate except things go dracstically wrong. Jessica abandons Aaron to dance with Bruce, Veronica Brooks chases after Todd, leaving Elizabeth with Aaron. When news spread that Elizabeth and Aaron kissed at the dance, everything is all messed up with the mixed-up couples. Elizabeth and Jessica try to get back with their respective boyfriends.
Excerpt: Pgs. 32

    He reached into his pocket and handed her a little gold box. "This is for you."

    "Todd! You didn't have to bring me a present."

    "I know. But I wanted to give you something so you would always remember our first dance."

    Elizabeth opened the little box. Inside was a little gold heart-shaped locket. "It's beautiful!" she gasped.

    Todd took the locket and opened it. "See, I put our pictures in it."

    Elizabeth saw that Todd had put a picture of himself on one side of the locket and a picture of her on the other side. It was so romantic that she didn't know what to say.

The Middle School Gets Married #68
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: For the health class project, the entire middle school is randomly paired up as husband and wife to take care of a household. All sorts of bizarre mis-matched couples such as, Elizabeth & Bruce, Todd & Lila. have been paired up and no one is happy. Can they all survive their marriages in order to get a good grade?
Excerpt: Pgs. 19-20

    "Come on, Elizabeth. Please?" Todd was saying as he and Elizabeth hurried to Mr. Seigel's classroom. "Mr. Seigel likes you. If there's one person he'll listen to, it's you. Everybody listens to you."

    Elizabeth couldn't help feeling flattered. "Thanks, Todd. That's really nice of you to say. But I don't think he's going to change the list just because I ask him to."

    "Yeah. But we've probably got a better chance if you ask him than if somebody else asks him."

    "I'll try," she said uneasily. "but it doesn't sound all that reasonable to ask Mr. Seigel to change his whole experiment just because we don't like our partners."

    "It's not just for us," Todd argued.

Elizabeth the Hero #74
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: When Elizabeth witnesses a surfing accident, she jumps into the ocean and saves Denny Jacobson from drowning. Elizabeth quickly becomes the talk of the town but she begins to feel embarrassed and uncomforable with her new found fame, especially since Denny won't stop showing his gratitude and showering her with gifts. Janet Howell is livid since she has a crush on Denny. Things only get worse as other boys start paying attention to her too, making Todd upset and other girls jealous. How can Elizabeth stop everyone from making such a big deal about the rescue?
Excerpt: Pgs. 47-48

    She looked up in time to see Todd Wilkins walking toward her with his tray. She felt truly happy for the first time all day. Todd wasn't Elizbaeth's boyfriend, but they liked each other a lot. They had gone out together a few times, and Todd was the first boy Elizabeth ever kissed.

    "Hi, Elizabeth," Todd said, pulling out a chair across from Elizabeth. "Is it OK if I--"

    But before he could finish, Denny materialized again and took Todd's chair. "Sorry to leave you for so long," Denny said, giving Todd a warning look.

    Todd frowned and took the seat next to Denny.

    "Hope I'm not in the way," he said with a slight note of sarcasm.

    "Of course not," Denny said quickly. "Elizabeth and I were just about to have lunch." Denny flashed her a big smile. "There's nobody I'd rather have lunch with."

    Todd stood up and grabbed his tray. "Maybe I'd better sit someplace else."

    Before Elizabeth could even open her mouth to protest, he was walking angrily away.

Yours For A Day #76
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: As part of a fund-raiser, the Unicorns create a master and servant plan for the students of Sweet Valley Middle School. But things get a little out of hand with the big Valentine's Day dance coming up. When Todd and Ken's practical jokes go too far, Elizabeth and Amy decide to get back at the boys by rigging the master/servant fundraiser.
Excerpt: Pgs. 123

    Todd handed a box to Elizabeth. "This is kind of boring, but it was all I could think of."

    Elizabeth unwrapped the large, heart-shaped box of chocolates. "No, it's not. It's great," she said, opening the box. "I love chocolates. Even the ones with pink goo inside. Here, have one." She smiled at Todd and he smiled back.

Todd Runs Away #77
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: Elizabeth and Todd are chosen to take part in a creative-writing class. Todd is initially unhappy by this news but soon finds that he has a gift of writing. But things get complicated at home when his father thinks that this class has been taking too much of Todd's time away from basketball. Unable to deal with al the pressures, Todd decides to run away. Can Elizabeth stop him?
Excerpt: Pgs. 6-8

    Todd hurried over to Elizabeth. She smiled at him. "Congratulations, Todd," she said. "You were great."

    Todd grinned. As many times as he'd heard those words today, hearing them from Elizabeth was somehow better than hearing them from anybody else. "Thanks," he said. [...]

    "Hey, you two," Jessica said, rushing over. "A bunch of us are going to celebrate at the Dairi Burger. Want to come?"

    "Sure, that sounds like fun," Elizabeth said. [...]

    "I can't," he said. "I'm going out to dinner with my dad."

    "Oh, that's nice," Elizabeth said, but Todd thought she looked a little disappointed. "How about if you and I go for a sundae at Casey's tomorrow afternoon, Elizabeth?" he suggested.

    Elizabeth smiled. "I'd love to," she said. "I'll see you tomorrow."

    "See you, " Todd said happily, and he ran back to his father.

Romeo and 2 Juliets #84
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: Jessica is vying for the part of Juliet for the school's production of Romeo and Juliet. Unfortunately, Jessica gets the flu during the week of auditions and asks Elizabeth to take her place, pretending to be Jessica. Elizabeth wins the role for Jessica except she's unwilling to give up the part now that she's fallen in love with the role and since her real life Romeo, Todd, is playing Romeo. Jessica and Elizabeth are at war as they both try to stop the other from performing the night of the production.
Excerpt: Pgs. 101

    The cast and crew began to break up, but Elizabeth and Todd continued to gaze at each other. Elizabeth wasn't silly and boy-crazy like Jessica, but not even she could resist the warm and romantic bond the play seemed to have forged between her and her Romeo.

    Slowly, Elizabeth and Todd began to walk toward each other as if they were the only ones in the auditorium.

    "You did that scene beautifully, Todd," Elizabeth said quietly.

    Todd reddened slightly. "You did a nice job, too." Then he frowned and shook his head, as if he were trying to clear it. "Let's not get carried away, though, Jessica."


    Elizabeth was so surprised, she almost stumbled. She had forgotten that she was supposed to be Jessica.

Elizabeth the Seventh-Grader #85
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: Elizabeth is excited to be skipping to the seventh grade. She can't wait for all the new challenges ahead. Jessica on the other hand is upset by this news and vows to keep Elizabeth in the sixth grade. She starts working on the Sixers and spends time with Elizabeth's friends to make Elizabeth realize what she's missing. When Elizabeth attends her first 7th grade party, she'd pressured to kiss Bruce Patman. Chickening out, she's told that she has to kiss Bruce in front of the whole school. She's terrified of doing this in front of her friends, especially Todd. Realizing that 7th grade isn't what she expected, Elizabeth decides she's not ready for 7th grade and chooses not to succumb to peer pressure and refuses to kiss Bruce.
Excerpt: Pgs. 123

    "You really showed those jerks," Maria added. "Bruce's ego will be ruined forever now."

    "You guys are the greatest," Elizabeth said, biting into her tuna sandwich. "I should have listened to you from the start. I don't need friends like that. You guys are all I need."

    "Hey, how about me?" Todd asked as he appeared from behind. "Don't you need me, too?"

    Elizabeth stood up and gave Todd a big hug. "You bet I do," she said. "I've missed you like crazy."

    "Me, too," Todd said, taking a seat.

The Cousin War #90
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: Robin Wakefield, Elizabeth and Jessica's cousin comes to visit. When Elizabeth is unable to go bowling, she tells Todd to make sure that Robin has a good time. Not knowing that Todd is Elizabeth's boyfriend, Robin thinks that Todd likes her and develops a crush on him. Meanwhile, a new exchange student named Juan is in town and Jessica has her eye on him except he likes Robin. The Sadie Hawkins dance is coming up and in order to make sure that Juan goes with her, Jessica pushes Robin to ask Todd to the dance, leaving out the fact that Todd is seeing Elizabeth. She even goes as far as pretending to be Elizabeth and telling Todd to accept Robin's invitation. Feeling betrayed, Elizabeth and Robin are at odds. Luckily, they discover Jessica's scheme and get back at her with their own devious ploy.
Excerpt: Pgs. 74-75

    "I just wish you and I could have... I don't know. Done more together. You know?"

    Elizabeth nodded. "You don't think I was avoiding you or anything, do you?"

    Todd shook his head and held out another bite of ice cream toward Elizabeth. "It just seemed like... maybe you were putting off asking me something?"

    "Asking you something?" Elizabeth repeated, her eyes wide with innocence. "What do you mean?"

    "Oh, nothing important," Todd said, looking around Casey's and leaning back casually in his seat. "I'm just wondering if you're going to have fun at that dance, all by yourself. I'm sure you will. I bet you'll have a great time, talking to everyone." Todd cleared his throat. "Of course, if you decide you'd rather not dance alone, I happen to know this guy who's a really good dancer--well, at least he's not a really bad dancer--and he could, you know, probably make the evening a lot more fun. He might still be available--I'm not sure."

    "Really. Is that so?" Elizabeth picked up a bite of brownie in her spoon and held it out to Todd. "So enough kidding around," she said, gazing into Todd's eyes. "I have been putting this off forever, but not because I didn't know I wanted to ask-- Oh, hey, there's Robin." She pointed to the doorway...

Escape From Terror Island #92
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: This is part two of a two part mini-series where the student of Sweet Valley Middle school go on a boat trip when the boat is hijacked by two thugs. When a storm comes, the boat is capsized and the students along with the crooks are washed up on an island. The students have to work together to survive on the island, find a way home and escape these crooks.
Excerpt: Pgs. 67-68

    "Elizabeth? Shouldn't we get off the raft and swim for it?" Todd asked. Elizabeth looked at the pieces of the raft that remained. The part she was sitting on was only three logs wide. Water bubbled between the cracks.

    "I guess so," she said sadly. She and Todd were the only ones left on the raft. "I was really hoping this would work."

    "I know," Todd shook his head.

    Elizabeth took a deep breath. "All right. When I say three, we'll jump for it. One...two..."

    "Look out, Elizabeth!" [...]

    Elizabeth swallowed a mouthful of sea-water. She realized that Todd's arms were around here. "Where am I?" she coughed.

    "In the middle of the Pacific Ocean," Todd answered. "You hit your head. Are you all right?"

    Elizabeth felt her body being leveled off. She floated on her back, waves lapping around her ears. "No," she croaked. "I feel--sick."

    "Okay. Just hold on." Todd kicked gracefully through the water. Elizabeth could feel his hands supporting her shoulders and the warm sun caressing her face. That was a close call, she realized. And it was at that very moment that she blacked out.

The Mysterious Dr. Q #102
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Friends
Synopsis: When a hypnotist named Mysterious Dr. Q comes to Sweet Valley, Elizabeth is keen on writing the best article to expose this fraud. Jessica, who believes that she has a gift for hypnosis decides to perform her own hypnotism on her friends after Dr. Q's demonstration at school. The hynopsis works without a hitch and Jessica is able to convince Elizabeth that she's in love with Bruce Patman. Unfortunately, this is bad news for Todd who's been trying to get the courage to ask Elizabeth out. Todd goes to great lengths to split Elizabeth and Bruce apart, and show Elizabeth what an obnoxious jerk Bruce really is. Fortunately, Dr. Q saves the day and undoes all of Jessica's mischief.
Excerpt: Pgs. 129-130

    Licking his lips nervously, he began to read.

    "7:45 Fri. evening
    Dear Todd,
       Hi. Writing notes is kind of awkward.
    Don't you think so?
       Well, I was just kind of wondering if you wanted to go to a movie. With me, I
    mean. Saturday night. We could go see the Eileen Thomas movie if you want...

    Todd grinned. It was almost identical to the note he'd written Elizabeth the week before. His eyes flicked to the end.

       "But if you don't want to, I understand.
       P.S.:Wakefield, that is"

    Elizabeth reached for Todd's hand and held it. "i'm really sorry, Todd," she murmured. "Will you--will you go to the movie with me?"

    Todd could feel himself blushing, but he didn't even care.

    "Yup, I guess I could make it," he said, rising to his feet and staring into her eyes. But inside he was exulting.

    I'm going out with E.W. after all!

Elizabeth Solves It All #103
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: Elizabeth's new advice column has become a huge hit at school. Dear Elizabeth becomes so popular that the letters are flooding in at the Sixers office. Elizabeth begins feeling pressured by her peers when everyone expects her advice to solve all their problems and she begins to give advice that causes more problems than solving them. Everyone becomes upset with her. Even Todd is upset with her for spending too much time on the column and neglecting him. Will Elizabeth be able to fix this mess?
Excerpt: Pgs. 74

    "Is this a bad time or something?" Todd's irritable tone caught Elizabeth's attention.

    "No, why?"

    "Because you keep looking around and fidgeting with letters in your bag," Todd replied.

    Elizabeth blushed faintly. "I'm sorry. I guess I've got a lot on my mind. This advice column is a big responsibility, and it's hard to put it on the back burner."

    Todd sighed. "Yeah, but are you going to let it take up your whole life?" he asked.

    Elizabeth frowned. "Of course not. But I can't just pretend people don't have problems because it's not convenient for me to deal with them."

    Todd tapped his spoon on the edge of his dish. "People managed to get along before the Sixers had an advice column, you know?"

    Elizabeth started to feel a little angry. She had thought Todd understood how important her job was. "Look, I'm sorry I forgot about our date yesterday, but you don't have to get nasty about my column."

    "It's not that," Todd said defensively. "I'm not mad because you forgot to meet me. Everybody forgets things. But it's really hard to talk to somebody who's not interested in listening."

    "I've got a lot on my mind," Elizabeth protested. "Can you understand?"

    "Sure. I understand. Give me a call when you're just plain Elizabeth again and not 'Dear Elizabeth'." Todd put down his napkin and slid out of the booth.


Lila's Secret Valentine #5
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Breakup
Synopsis: Valentine's Day is coming and Lila is dreading the dance since she doesn't have a date. Feeling left out, Lila creates the perfect boyfriend for herself. Soon her friends are jealous of all the gifts and flowers that her 'boyfriend' is sending her. But Lila's plan backfires when the Unicorns ask to meet this wonderful boyfriend. Meanwhile, Elizabeth gets caught up in the romantic holiday and writes an anonymous poem to Todd. Not realizing the poem is from Elizabeth, Todd breaks up with her believing that he has to give his mystery girl a chance.
Excerpt: Pgs. 149

     Todd buried his face in his hands. What an idiot he was. Elizabeth was one of his best friends, one of the nicest and prettiest girsl he knew, and he had thrown her away like used Kleenex. [...]

     Todd groaned miserably. He knew there was only one thing to do: he had to go to the dance to ask Elizabeth's forgiveness. It might be totally humiliating, but he would apologize to her in front of everyone.


Evil Elizabeth #9
Author: Jamie Suzanne
Status: Sort of Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Synopsis: When Elizabeth tries to find a Halloween costume, she stumbles upon a gruesome mask. It's so horribly disgusting yet she finds herself completely drawn to it. The more Elizabeth wears the mask, the more evil she becomes. Her personality changes so much that people have a hard time believing it's her. It's up to Jessica to destroy the mask or else Elizabeth may be evil forever.
Excerpt: Pgs. 129-130

    It's not just one or two people, either, Jessica thought gloomily, grabbing her books as the last bell rang. It's everybody!

    Todd Wilkins, Elizabeth's sort-of boyfriend stopped her as she came into the hall. "Jessica, maybe you can tell me-- is something bothering Elizabeth?" he asked.

    He looks terrible, Jessica thought with a rush of pity. She sighed. "Whatever it is, it's not your fault, Todd--OK?" she told him firmly.

    Todd rubbed his cheeks. "I guess. I wanted to go trick-or-treating with her, but now--" He shook his head.

    "I'm sure it will all work out," Jessica lied, moving on to find Elizabeth.